Exploring Oil Collection Practices

Exploring Oil Collection Practices

  • Should Asbestos Be Removed From the Home?

    If your home has asbestos, your first instinct might be to have it removed. However, whether or not asbestos removal is necessary depends on one factor. Before making a final decision, you need to thoroughly assess your options. Why Should You Have Asbestos Removed? Many homes that were built during the period between 1930 and 1950 have insulation that contains asbestos. The material was considered to be a highly effective insulator that was relatively inexpensive.

  • How To Make Sure Your Recyclables Aren't Contaminated

    You might think that you're helping the environment by recycling. But if you do not recycle the right things, you can possibly do more harm than good. Grease, liquids, biological waste and hazardous waste are common recycling "gotchas" to avoid. Here are some other tips to help you recycle. Rinse Out Food Containers You should only recycle a plastic food container if you completely rinse it out beforehand. Always rinse out plastic, aluminum and glass bottles.

  • 4 Green Tips For Residential Construction Waste Disposal

    Waste and debris from home renovations and other residential building projects can really add up. In one year alone, the Environmental Protection Agency calculated that residential construction and demolition accounted for more than 58 million tons of debris, and only a limited amount of that waste was reused or recycled. If you're planning a renovation or construction project for your home, you can do your part to make sure that the waste is taken care of in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.

  • One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure - 3 Ways To Upcycle

    When it comes to waste, the United States ranks among the highest in the world. In fact, an average family of 4 creates about 124 pounds of garbage a week. Every time the garbage company comes to pick it up, they take it straight to the landfills where it sits and accumulates. If you were to add up the amount of waste just by the United States, the numbers would be staggering.

  • Think You Saw A Brown Recluse In Your Home Or Office? Here Is What To Do

    The brown recluse spider, or "fiddle back" can be a very dangerous spider indeed. Not only can the bite leave behind ruined and badly scarred areas on your flesh, but this spider likes to lurk in homes, buildings, packaging, logs, leaves, and dark, dry places all over the Midwest. This small brownish colored spider features a distinctive violin shape on the head, and one bite from the spider can cause the flesh to become necrotic.

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