Exploring Oil Collection Practices

Exploring Oil Collection Practices

Troubleshooting Frequent Issues With Outdated Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Linda Edwards

As a homeowner, making the change over to solar energy in your home is easily one of the most beneficial changes that you can make. Of course, the process will involve installing photovoltaic solar panels on your home to collect sunlight and efficiently transform it into usable power. While these solar panels usually last for many years without problems, they are not everlasting structures, and occasionally problems will come up, especially if the panels are outdated. Here are a few of the most common issues with outdated photovoltaic solar panels. 

Problem: Suddenly lowered energy output than average

Cause and Solution: If you see a sudden drop in the amount of energy that you are collecting showing on your meters, it is highly likely that the solar panel is either damaged or covered with debris. You should head up onto the roof to make sure the panel is clean and that there is no debris, such as tree limbs or snow, shielding the panel from the sunlight. If there is a crack or puncture in the panel itself, you should call a professional to have the upper surface layer replaced right away. 

Problem: The solar panel system is not collecting power at all. 

Cause and Solution: When a solar system quits working, it is not uncommon for it to just quit suddenly and without warning (especially the oldest models). If you wake up to no energy at all one morning or you notice the voltage stores are rapidly being depleted without more energy coming in, there is a good chance that the converters in your solar panel have failed.

While it is possible to replace converters in modern panels because they are not integrated into the panel itself, this is not possible with a lot of older models. Therefore, you will have to get professional advice about new solar panel installation. 

Problem: Solar panel systems are collecting power, but not distributing it properly. 

Cause and Solution: If the meters show that the panels are doing their job of collecting power, but you are not getting ample power supplies after conversion, you should check to make sure the distributor panel has not been damaged. In a lot of cases, the older distributor boxes are more prone to moisture and you will see failure if they are not protected from the elements. 

Having solar power is an incredible thing, but as a homeowner with solar power as your main energy source you should definitely learn a little about your photovoltaic solar panels. If you have issues that you cannot diagnose on your own, contact a solar energy professional for help. One company that might be able to help you is AAA Solar Source.


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