Exploring Oil Collection Practices

Exploring Oil Collection Practices

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure - 3 Ways To Upcycle

Linda Edwards

When it comes to waste, the United States ranks among the highest in the world. In fact, an average family of 4 creates about 124 pounds of garbage a week. Every time the garbage company comes to pick it up, they take it straight to the landfills where it sits and accumulates. If you were to add up the amount of waste just by the United States, the numbers would be staggering. All this can be avoided by simply recycling and reusing materials. Here are 3 ways you can do your part to sending more trash to the landfills. 

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a great way to keep your junk out of the trash. While you may not want an item any longer, chances are there is someone who would love to have it. Not only can you get rid of a lot of stuff you don't want, but also you can make some money during the sale. The best time to plan your garage sale is during a warm summer day. Check the forecast ahead of time to make sure it isn't going to rain. A lot of churches and neighborhoods will put on a community yard sale. These are great because they will handle the marketing for you. In order to know how to price your items, check sites like Craigslist and eBay to see what others are selling the same items for. 

Yard Waste

Spring and fall are busy times for yard waste. When you see that you've accumulated a good amount of yard waste, most people just set it by the road hoping it gets collected. If you have a lot of leaves in your yard, you can handle them with a mulching lawnmower. They seep into the ground and end up composting over the winter. Your yard can handle about 6 inches of shredded leaves. Grass clippings can also be good for your yard. They put nutrients back into the soil so your grass continues to grow back the next year. 


Whether it is during the holidays or just a regular week, packaging can quickly fill up your waste bins. One way to avoid this is by reusing the boxes for other needs. Diaper boxes are great for storing clothes that are no longer being used. Shoe boxes are another type of packaging that can be useful when trying to organize items. Instead of throwing these boxes away, see if you can use them for storing items. 

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