Exploring Oil Collection Practices

Exploring Oil Collection Practices

Think You Saw A Brown Recluse In Your Home Or Office? Here Is What To Do

Linda Edwards

The brown recluse spider, or "fiddle back" can be a very dangerous spider indeed. Not only can the bite leave behind ruined and badly scarred areas on your flesh, but this spider likes to lurk in homes, buildings, packaging, logs, leaves, and dark, dry places all over the Midwest. This small brownish colored spider features a distinctive violin shape on the head, and one bite from the spider can cause the flesh to become necrotic. However, while there are no statistics concerning the actual number of documented brown recluse bites in the United States, the potential for a bite from this spider should make anyone who has seen one in their home or office concerned. Here is what to do if you think you have seen one of these spiders up close and personal.

Check Your Location

While the brown recluse does sometimes hitch a ride in packaging, they do also have a regular habitat where they are most likely to live. For example, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, your odds that it was a genuine brown recluse are slim. For those that live in the Midwest, however, your odds of seeing a brown recluse are quite high.

Check your location against the habitat to ensure the probability of it being a brown recluse.

Identify The Spider

If you can catch the spider without getting bitten, do so. Use a Mason jar or clear container so you can study and identify the spider. The brown recluse has a fiddle shape on the head, and six eyes.

You can either use pictures from encyclopedias or the internet for identification, or call in a spider extermination specialist for help in identifying the spider.

Call A Pro

If you do indeed make a positive identification, you need to act quickly. If you have found one brown recluse in your home or office, it is quite likely that there are more that you can't see.

It is best to call in professional spider exterminators, such as Environmental Services Pest Control, for brown recluses to reduce your chances of being bitten. Exterminators are not only experts on the habitat and removal of these spiders, but they can also make sure that your home is inspected and truly rid of these dangerous spiders.

They will typically offer an inspection of your property, removal of the spiders and prevention of re-infestation to keep you and your family safe. Don't take the chance with these spiders, but get help from a professional.


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