Exploring Oil Collection Practices

Exploring Oil Collection Practices

  • Hepatitis A: What It Is & How Water Well Testing Can Prevent It

    If you have a private well on your property, you're likely aware of the number of diseases and contaminants that can cause illness and wreak havoc on your water system. Hepatitis A, a common virus found within water wells, is discussed below, as well as how wells can become contaminated with the virus and how regular well testing can help. What is Hepatitis A? Hepatitis A is a liver infection that's caused by the hepatitis A virus.

  • 3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Roll Off Dumpster Space

    If you're doing a complete clean-up of your home and yard, you may want to consider renting a roll off dumpster. You could use a truck to take care of the clean-up but that would require you to take numerous trips to the local landfill. With a roll off dumpster, the refuse company will deliver the dumpster right to your home. They'll even come out and empty it for you whenever it gets full.

  • When You Should Service Your Grinder Pump

    Grinder pumps are a great alternative to septic tanks as they do not need to be emptied and emit no smell if properly cared for. A new grinder pump goes an average of eight years before needing repair. Whether your grinder pump is brand new or if it was already installed on the property, you may be wondering how to tell when your apparatus needs to be serviced. Here are some situations where a service person may need to called to repair your grinder pump:

  • Five Pollutants Commonly Found In The Air

    Although the United States has made great progress in the last two decades in lessening the combustion gasses and other pollutants that enter the air Americans breathe, more work still needs to be done. Just because you can't see or smell these pollutants doesn't mean they aren't there. In fact, the air in most U.S. cities contains quite a number of pollutants. Five commonly-found air pollutants 1. Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide (CO2) is a byproduct of combustion.

  • Troubleshooting Frequent Issues With Outdated Photovoltaic Solar Panels

    As a homeowner, making the change over to solar energy in your home is easily one of the most beneficial changes that you can make. Of course, the process will involve installing photovoltaic solar panels on your home to collect sunlight and efficiently transform it into usable power. While these solar panels usually last for many years without problems, they are not everlasting structures, and occasionally problems will come up, especially if the panels are outdated.

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